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Massage Therapy Services


Relaxation Massage

(done by a trained Aesthetician)

30 Minutes $72
45 Minutes $85
60 Minutes $100

This purely a relaxation massage using light to medium pressure, performed by one of our Aestheticians.

Back Massage

Registered Massage Therapy

15 Minutes $55
30 Minutes $86
45 Minutes $103
60 Minutes $125
90 Minutes $192

Massage Therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body in a therapeutic manner. Our Registered Massage Therapists can help relieve pain, heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation and aid in the general wellness of clients.

Woman getting a head massage at a spa

Indie Head Massage 
(done by an RMT or trained Aesthetician)

45 Minutes $115

Indie Head Massage is a form of massage based on an ancient healing system which focusses on the muscles and connective tissues of the face, neck, scalp, upper back and shoulder area. It is used to reduce stress and improve tissue health and circulation. Over centuries it has been used to assist in healing ailments such as migraines, sinus inflammation, insomnia and anxiety.
*The Indie Head Massage is a unique experience. Each of our practitioners are fully trained but no two indie head massage experiences are ever quite the same. Each practitioner caters to the client’s individual needs.

Hot stone back massage

Heated Stone Massage
(done by an RMT)

60 Minutes $150
90 Minutes $210

Heated Stone Massage can be a dual purpose massage. Due to the heat of the stones, it is always a highly relaxing,
stress reducing massage. The hardness of the stones allows the therapist to address specific problem areas with more detailed work or deeper pressure. The client can request light, medium or deep pressure, which is the beauty of the hot stone massage technique. It can be customized in an instant to the request of the client. The hardness of the stones makes for a fantastic deep tissue massage.

Shoulder Massage

Healing Mineral Salt Massage

60 Minutes $150
90 Minutes $210

Mineral salt stones are gently smoothed over the body with varying pressure combined with massage techniques. The contrast of mineral absorption and warm gentle pressure relaxes the muscles and nourishes the body. 
Benefits: relieves stress, relaxes muscles, rids the body of toxins, great for stimulating lymphatic system and improving circulation, reduces water retention.

Body Massage

Couples Registered
Massage Therapy

30 Minutes $202
45 Minutes $236
60 Minutes $280

60 Minutes Heated Stone $330

60 Minutes Healing Mineral Salt $330

Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different Registered Massage Therapists.

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