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Soak It In!

Why not join us for one of our beer inspired services? Beer ingredients such as malt, hops, barley and brewer's yeast gives you an extra boost for your whole body, both internally and for your hair, skin and nails!

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Beer Soak

25 minutes $65

Beer Soak Ingredients of hops, barley and yeast are infused into the warm water allowing pores to open, drawing out toxins and stimulating the circulatory system. The hops help to exfoliate the skin, while beer yeast contains B vitamins and saccharides improving skin elasticity, hydration and purifies blemished and acneic skin. The bubbling carbonated water infused with minerals invites clients to slip into a deep relaxation, and enjoy the benefits of our authentic European beer bath.


Healing 'Ale'ments Scrub

60 minutes $140

Healing “Ale”ments Scrub. An invigorating mineral salt scrub combined with hops, barley and honey create an energizing, yet hydrating treatment for the skin. Followed by a mineral rich crème application.

Body Massage

Body Brew Wrap

60 minutes $162

This treatment is deeply relaxing and nourishing as a rich mineral mask mixed with hops and honey work to not only detoxify the skin, but strengthen and nourish dry, lifeless skin. Super hydrating, the skin is left smooth and supple. Extreme benefits for men and women.

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