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Sound Healing

One on One Sound Healing

with Sara Klassen

Tuesdays between 12:00 - 6:00 pm

Sessions are approximately 1 hour

$65 (includes aromatherapy to enhance the overall experience)

All About Me

The vagus nerve plays a huge role on how sensory information is delivered to our nervous system. Through stimulation of this nerve, we can help regulate the parasympathetic nervous system...and the body's stress response, which is involved in regulating the circadian rhythm and sleep cycle.


In a sound therapy session, tuning forks are placed by the ears, and combed down the entirety of the body, having a direct influence on the nervous system, the vagus nerve as well as the subtle energies of the body's electromagnetic field (linked to consciousness and emotions).


By activating the 10th cranial nerve at the ears ( vagus nerve) using acoustic tuning forks, sensory information is carried through those nerve fibres, creating a pathway to stimulate and correct organ function,  including digestion, heart, and respiratory tract.


Upon release and restoration of these noisy patterns, we begin to express ourselves in healthy ways, regulating our own behaviors, and motivating us toward positive change. 

  • Better decision making 

  • Supports cellular regeneration and detoxification pathways

  • Parasympathetic activation (stress reduction)

  • Improved circular and lymphatic drainage

  • Improved joint, nerve and muscle pain

  • Improved breathing and heart regulation

  • Widely believed to be good for meditation and healing emotional wounds

... and much more!

Benefits May lnclude:

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